Easter Beer Festival 2014


Festival starts on Good Friday 11am and runs until the beer runs out.

For the 19th year running, The Castle Inn, St Ives are holding their ever popular Easter Beer Festival. This years event sees over 45 real ales and ciders from breweries all over the country as well as the usual selection of local ales from Skinners & Sharps amongst others.

Ales are served at up to 8 at a time and up to 3 ciders.
There are 30 T shirts to give away for the first 30 of you to purchase 10 different pints of real ale or proper cider ( you “don’t” have to do it in one day!!! ). So don’t forget to get your tasting notes stamped each time you buy a pint, and present your completed card to a member of staff to receive your free T shirt. But please remember, It’s first come first served!!!


1:  Allgates: All Blacks 3.6%                                                                                                             Dark brown beer with a malty fruit aroma. Creamy and malty in taste with blackberry fruits, with a satisfying after taste.

2;  Marstons Pedigree: New World 3.8                                                                                          A gleaming gold in colour, with a fantastic fruity and floral aroma.

3;  Exe Valley: Exe Valley Bitter 3.7%                                                                                               Mid brown bitter,  pleasantly fruity with underlying malt through the aroma, taste and finish.

4;  Mighty Oak: Oscar Wilde 3.7%                                                                                         Roasty dark mild, with a suggestion of forest fruits and dark chocolate. A sweet taste yields to a bitter finish.

5;  Tintagel:  Castle Gold  3.8                                                                                                          A golden, light hoppy session beer.

6;  Vale: Black Swan Mild  3.9%                                                                                                 Dark and smooth with a hint of chocolate and coffee on the nose. With a malty dry finish.

7;  Penzance Brewing: Potion No 9   4.0%                                                                               Light golden hoppy session bitter, very moreish.

8;  Northumberland: Bucking Fastard  4.0%                                                                           Refreshing floral hoppy session ale that has a surprising kick.

9;  Dartmoor Brewery: Dartmoor I.P.A  4.0%                                                                                 Highly drinkable amber beer. Deliciously smooth thirst quenching taste and subtle hop aroma.

10;  Orkney: Red Mac Gregor 4.0%                                                                                            This tawny red ale has a powerful smack of fruit and a clean fresh mouth-feel. A well balanced bitter.

 11;  Three Castles: Saxon Archer 4.0%                                                                                         A light brown balanced easy drinking session ale with a wonderful aroma, with a hoppy palate.

12;  Cottage Brewing:  Junga  4.o%                                                                                       Amber in colour and straight hopped with the Polish Junga hop. This session ale is bitter and floral with a wonderful citrus finish

13;  White Horse: Village Idiot  4.1%                                                                                             A blonde ale with a complex hop aroma and taste.

14;  Church end:  What the fox’s hat 4.2%                                                                                    A  beer with a malty aroma, a hoppy, malty taste with some caramel flavour.

15;  Green Jack: Orange Wheat Beer. 4.2%                                                                         Marmalade aroma  with a hint of hops, leading to a well-balanced blend of sweetness, hops, citrus with a malt background.

16;  Driftwood Spars: Blue Hills 4.2%                                                                                   Amber ale that refreshes the palate.

17;  Dark Star: Espresso Stout. 4.2%                                                                                             A Black beer brewed with freshly ground coffee.

18:  The Grainstore Brewery: Steelback IPA 4.2%                                                                    Brewed to an authentic 1930’s recipe,  a golden beer relying solely on the pale ale malt in its grist for its colour. Classic blend of Goldings and Fuggles hops.

19;  Fuzzy Duck: Cunning Stunt 4.3%                                                                                               Amber coloured single hop beer, brewed with American Willamette hops. The rub of the hops gives a blackcurrant and herbal aroma.

 20;  New Plassey: Dusky Maiden Stout  4.4%                                                                               A very dark, complex flavoured stout

21;  St. Georges: Keep Calm and Carry On 4.4 %                                                                          A smooth beer with a long lasting bitterness to finish. Amber in colour.

22;  Penzance Brewing Brisons Bitter 4.5%                                                                                     Light golden session beer.

23;  Mordue: Workie Ticket 4.5%                                                                                                     A tasty complex beer, with malt and hops throughout. A long satisfying bitter finish.

24;  Black Hole: Red Dwarf 4.5%                                                                                                   Red as named, a sugary sweet fruit start with citrus notes. Malt is elbowed aside by the hops that dominate the tongue, tickling to the end.

25;  Box Steam: Piston Broke 4.5%                                                                                                A fine full bodied deep golden ale, with a refreshing hoppy citrus palate and a subtle fruit hop aroma.

26;  Corvedale: Dark and Delicious 4.6%                                                                                       A dark ruby beer with hops on the aroma and palate, with a sweet after taste.

27;  Redemption: Urban Dusk 4.6%                                                                                              Full bodied brown bitter, chocolate and some toffee in the aroma. Citrus, creamy fudge and dark roast chocolate on the palate. Drying to leave a slightly dry bitter finish.

28;  Exe Valley: Devon Glory 4.7%                                                                                                  A distinctive premium beer made from the finest Devon malt.

29;  Nine standards: Double Standards Porter 4.7%                                                                   A robust porter.

30;  Dartmoor Brewery: Jail Ale  4.8%                                                                                        Full bodied mid brown beer with a well-rounded flavour and a sweet moreish after taste.

31;  Driftwood Spars: Lou’s Brew 5.0%                                                                                        Light and hoppy, with citrus, grassy aromas.

32;  Marston’s Jennings: Sneck lifters 5.1%                                                                               Dark beer with a reddish tinge. Derived from the use of coloured malts. Perfectly balanced with specialty formulated brewing sugar and English aromatic hops.

33;  Exeter: Darkness 5.1%                                                                                                               Black and velvety as midnight. Well balanced but complex chocolate stout. Deliciously smooth.

34;  Fullers: ESB 5.5%                                                                                                                     Rich mahogany colour. A smooth, mellow bitterness lingers on the palate, to give a superbly satisfying finish.

35;  Kirby Lonsdale: Jubilee Stout 5.5%                                                                                    Rich well balanced stout with malt. A long after taste retains this complexity and is surprisingly refreshing.

36;  Phoenix: Wobbly Bob  6.0%                                                                                                       A red brown beer, a malty, fruity aroma, with a creamy mouth feel.  Strongly malty, fruity in flavour with hops and a hint of herbs. Both sweetness and bitterness are evident throughout.

37;  Exmoor: Beast 6.6%                                                                                                                  A dark beer brewed with chocolate and crystal malts.

38;  Church End: Rest in Peace 7.0%                                                                                        Light amber coloured bitter with good malty mouth feel.


39; Snails Bank: Ginger 4.0%                                                                                                          A very drinkable still red cider, almost amber in colour. Full of apple flavours and aroma. Session cider.

40;  Mr Whitehead: Plum Cider 4.0%                                                                                           Interesting, if a bit lightweight. Not too sweet, very blackcurranty.

41;  Bath:  Bounders 4.5%                                                                                                        Good apple aroma and a satisfying, smooth and refreshing dry-cider taste.

42;  Weston: Rosie’s Pig 4.8%                                                                                                         A traditionally made cloudy medium-dry cider.

43;  Weston Family Reserve 5.0%                                                                                                  A clear bright still cider with a smooth, well-balanced fruity flavour and clean apple finish.

44;  Bernard’s: Monty’s Double 6.0%                                                                                             Pinkish cider which comes from red streak apples. Refreshing and easy drinking.

45;  Orchards: Pig Philosopher 6 %                                                                                           Pours a golden colour with no head. Has a fruity spicy ripe apple.

46;  Jolly Dale Cyder: Dry Still 6.3%                                                                                              It’s a shiny golden/amber colour, clear and has a dry apple aroma to it, though with a little hint of toffee

47;  Hecks: Hang down 6.5%                                                                                              Earthiness, background notes of rum soaked apples. Smooth body, baked apple pie comes out on the palate. Long dry finish with a good dose of tartness. Lots of character, great cider.

48;  Gwent Y Draig: Hay maker. 6.5%                                                                                            A fruity, medium cider bursting with the flavour of apples. A true farmhouse cider with a smooth finish.

49;  Gwent Y Draig: Dog Dancer 6.5%                                                                                         Produced from bitter sweet cider apples, this is a light straw coloured cider with a medium dry taste.

50;  Lilley’s Darksider 7.5%                                                                                               Darksider a truly mystical cider 100 % apple quite dark in colour with a slight caramel flavour. Beware this cider is quite strong.